Gifts for Neighbors Moving Away – 21 Ideas12 min read

January 12, 2021 8 min read


Gifts for Neighbors Moving Away – 21 Ideas12 min read

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Buying gifts for neighbors can be tricky, since you don’t know exactly what they would like. How personal you get with your gift depends on how well you know your neighbors, but going away gifts don’t have to be super personal.

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect gift for neighbors who are moving away though, you’ve come to the right place!

#1 A Special Goodbye Note

Homemade cards always mean so much more, but if you’re no Picasso you can still produce this going away card which can be printed and then written in your own hand.

This card can be sent when someone is moving abroad or for any other reason why they are leaving. The card comes with a grey envelope and is sealed into a cellophane sleeve. Get one here

#2 A Personalized Lazy Susan

If you want to say “good bye” to a neighbor who also happens to be a foodie, this piece may be the perfect addition to their new kitchen or home bar. 

Give their tool crock a spin to quickly and easily find the tool you need with this 8-1/4″ dia. bamboo turntable. Also handy in the cabinet or on the counter to conveniently organize small bottles and spices. 

It has a rotating base with a sturdy lip that perfectly fits our 7-1/2″ dia.

#3 A Plant in a Jar

Quick and easy to make, these little succulent jars would look lovely just as they are, but with the addition of the free printable label, they become absolutely adorable.

This  kit allows you to build your own stylish moss terrarium with live moss. It’s easy and satisfying to create your own piece of forest to enjoy for years to come. It’s a great present for those you care for and for yourself.

Every piece you need is included in the kit. Remember that every terrarium is different and unique so enjoy yourself and be happy with whatever you create! Get your own here

#4 A New Home Sweet Home Sign

It doesn’t get much more comforting than “Home Sweet Home.” So why not say, “Thanks, neighbor!” with this lovely sign?

These signs make for an ideal home moving gift, new home gift, housewarming gift or home closing gift that can be personalized and customized.

This home sign is printed with high quality ink to ensure its long lasting and weathers well. The sign is encased in pine, sanded and finally hand stained to perfection. Get one here

#5 A Map Keychain

Keychains provide wonderful visual reminders several times a day, and this one is crafted from aluminum in the shape of the USA, with two hearts in separate states joined together forever.

Keep the memory of your distant loved ones close at hand with this USA keychain. 

You can select from 3 sizes, and this will be personalized to show hearts over the 2 locations of your choice.

#6 A Wine Holder 

For a thank-you gift for your neighbor with a little something extra, choose this personalized wine bottle holder plaque from Northwest Gifts.

These wall mounted steel wine bottle holders are handmade with quality in mind. The clean lines and modern styling on these bottle holders give an almost invisible appearance when holding your beautiful wine bottles. 

Great for the DIY lover to create the perfect custom wine rack or wall mounted wine display in your home! Get them here

#7 A Smug Mug

Saying goodbye is always hard, but this 11oz mug will remind them that when one thing ends, another one begins, and that can be a very exciting thought!

#8 A Garden Stone

Has a neighbor recently done something nice for you, and you want to show your appreciation in return? If they like to garden, a decorative stone like the one above would be gladly welcomed by them.

Remember your loved ones long after they move away with these beautiful stones! Features a sentimental memorial message carved for your beloved neighbour.

#9 A Farewell Bracelet

With the sweetest message printed on the card insert, this amazonite bracelet will make a fab farewell gift that she can wear every day to bring her luck in her new endeavors.

The amazonite is worn to promote courage, hope and success. And the tiny ladybug is a cherished symbol of good luck. Wearing this perfect amazonite stone bracelet for beginning a new chapter in her life.

#10 A Scented Candle

Candles make great thank-you gifts. Everyone can enjoy a nice and aromatic scent emanating from a soft flame. Bonus points if it’s cute, too!

An extensive choice of seasonal and on-trend fragrances made with pure, natural extracts from the finest ingredients around the world. 

Made from 100% natural fibers. Each wick is hand selected from over 150 varieties to ensure it delivers the best burn possible for each fragrance.

#11 A Book About Swearing

If they’re leaving to go travelling, this book will ensure they can fall out with people wherever they go as it features impressive ways to swear in many different languages.

This essential phrasebook collects the most colorful, explicit, and outrageous ways to tell people off in every part of the world. Featuring dozens of different languages, the sayings range from everyday swears to family curses to expressions for X-rated relations with animals. 

#12 An Electric Screwdriver

When they lived nearby, your neighbor was always borrowing that one tool from you. Maybe it was an electric screwdriver like the one featured here.

Lightweight and compact for working in tight spaces for long periods of time. High-speed transmission delivers 2 speed variations for various applications.

#13 A Working Compass Necklace

With a choice of stainless steel or sterling silver chains, this working compass pendant will make a sweet farewell gift for anyone who’s embarking on the next leg of life’s journey.

This small working compass has a beautiful vintage style. It makes a thoughtful and unique gift for an avid outdoors person or traveler. A compass symbolizes good luck and staying the course over rough waters.

The compass is brass with a glass face. It has a soft ivory color and is set in a shiny silver plated bezel. It measures 16mm in diameter. Get one here

#14 A Vacuum Cleaner

The best gifts for neighbors should definitely include household appliances like vacuum cleaners. Especially when they’re moving away, your neighbor will appreciate something that will help them clean up their old place and tidy up their new one.

Clean your home efficiently with Coredy R300 robot vacuum cleaner, 1700pa powerful suction can pick up almost every dirt, dust, hair, pet fur and debris for an impeccable clean home.

#15 Neighborwoods Map Coasters

They’ll think of home every time they lift their drink off one of these cedar coasters, as each one features a different area of the city they know, love, and miss.

These intricate wooden coasters are laser cut and engraved precisely in our home work shop in Washington state, USA. They are a great way to hold your favorite places close to your heart, filling your home with your best travel memories. 

They also make for amazing gifts whether it be for christmas or someone’s birthday, anniversary, or housewarming. Get one here

#16 A Special Towel

Gifts for neighbors moving away can be sentimental too, of course. Maybe you are super close to your best neighbor friend who’s moving away, and you’re both going to miss seeing each other every day.

These towels come in MANY base colors, and you can chose whatever you want! Get one here

#17 Good Luck Necklace

Send her on her way with a smile and this beautiful ‘Good Luck’ necklace. Thousands of years ago, ancient Celts discovered the mystical powers of An Cloc Cosanta. 

This “Luck Stone” hung on a leather thong to bring good fortune to whoever wore it. In this age of discovery we understand how fate, nature, and the universe guide our lives.

#18 A Pepper Mill

It’s always nice to get a little something nice when you’re moving! If your neighbor friend is moving away, let them know how much you’re going to miss them with a gorgeous personalized pepper mill.

These spice grinders are hand milled in Turkey where centuries of tradition of craftsmanship is offered. These grinders are made of Zamak (brass and zinc), which is obtained by amalgamating copper and zinc that makes them very durable. Get one here

#19 A Map pillow

They’ll be reminded of home whenever they cuddle this attractive pillow in their new home. This minimalist city map with coordinates looks so great on a pillow. The heart is added and placed in the vicinity of the coordinates. 

Made from cotton canvas and filled with polyester fiber fill, this pillow will come printed with a map or nautical chart of the place they left behind, along with any special landmarks you choose. Get one here

#20 A Special Welcome Mat

Made out of natural (renewable) coir fibers, all mats are mildew and mold resistant and have a sturdy latex backing to keep the mats firmly in place. A very strong adhesive and nylon fibers  are used to create the design on the mat and then heat set it.  Get one here

#21 A Bobblehead

You might not fit in their suitcase when they leave, but this personalized bobblehead will! All you need is a clear photo, and the artist will hand sculpt the figure to look exactly like you, so they can have their own miniature bestie with them wherever they go. Get it here

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