Gifts for Friend Moving Away – 21 Ideas12 min read

January 11, 2021 7 min read


Gifts for Friend Moving Away – 21 Ideas12 min read

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We all have good friends or family that move away – and saying goodbye sucks! It can be hard to say goodbye to someone you care about greatly. No matter how far they’re going, remind them you’ll always be there – with fun and thoughtful going away gifts.

It’s hard to say goodbye, and it’s even harder to pick out the perfect going away present. But don’t feel like you need to spend a ton of money, but do look for a present that’s sentimental and useful. Here are 21 going away presents for your best friend!

#1 A Flower Bouquet

Let’s star simple: Sometimes, nothing says goodbye better than a nice bunch of assorted flowers. 

Perfect for any friend or acquaintance, it’s always better to get them a gift than nothing, no matter how small or impersonal it is. If you want to play it safe, then flowers are always a great choice.

#2 An Engraved Pen

An elegant bamboo pen and matching case, says you think they’re classy and environmentally friendly. 

This metallic click action pens features a professional design with its unique metal barrel, which make it a high-end promotion gift for parties, conventions, trade shows, corporate events and more!

#3 Donuts 

Donuts always go down a treat, but unless you’ve made them yourself, they’re not very personal. And who says you can’t have a treat for breakfast? 

That’s the brilliance behind these sweet rings of beauty. Powdered Sugar, Chocolate Frosted, Glazed, Double Chocolate or crunch. Solve that problem by attaching this free sweet label that says it all.

#4 A Special Bear

Give them a personalized gift that they can treasure forever no matter where they are in the world.

This unique kit makes it easy: Choose your clothes and send to The Patchwork Bear. Pre-addressed mailing bag and simple shipping instructions are included.

#5 A Custom Pillow

Call it a gag gift or a gift of true love to celebrate your long-distance relationship – either way, a customized face pillow will ensure they never forget you (and will scare the crap outta their new friends).

The cuddles won’t ever cease when you have one of our customized hybird body shaped pillows in your house! Now you can turn your best friend into a huggable, cuddly pillow that you can take with you wherever you want. 

These custom pillows are the cuddly companions that replace your friend or lover when he or she happens to not be around.

#6 Lens for their Camera

Anyone who’s heading often on an adventure needs to make sure they have the right tools and equipment to capture their memories. 

Also, with this set the protective case and the matching handle – optionally attach to four different points of the case – are the two essential components. 

However, the set becomes visionary by these two filters: a circular polarization filter and a Vario-ND filter.

#7 A Moving Planner

Moving is a bit of a nightmare, but you can make it much easier with this totally printable Moving Organization Kit, which includes labels, checklists, change of address cards, and more.

This pack of editable moving planning sheets is the perfect way to get ready for your big move! Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, this kit was inspired by the millions of lists people make when they move. Get them here

#8 An Inspirational Print

Bring your favorite quotes and book passages into your home as a gorgeous art print. These would make a stunning addition to any room in your home.

You will love the classic designs on your choice of chalkboard, light vintage or dark vintage backgrounds.

These handpicked prints are also a great choice as a gift for your friends or family. Get it here

#9 Scratch World Map

Spending some time traveling the world can be a great experience. Help your friend or co-worker keep track of every country they’ve visited with this awesome scratch off world map poster.

Have you been asked by your friends which countries you have travelled to, and you couldn’t recall some? There was this epic incident that happened in Asia, was it Thailand or Philippines? What did I do when I visited England ten years ago? I don’t remember!

#10 A Special Plant

This goodbye gift idea is simply adorable, because what kitchen doesn’t need a pot or two of fresh herbs on the windowsill?

Trigg is a ceramic/concrete resin wall vessel in a diamond shaped wire frame that can be used to store plants, accessories and much more.

#11 A Special Bag

Nuff said. Organize your life with these inspirational and durable carry-all pouches. Available in three sizes and ideal for toiletries, art supplies, or makeup. 

Everything is so much better in a pouch. Our carry-all pouches are made from a durable canvas-like material—perfect for toiletries, art supplies, makeup and smaller electronics. 

Pouches are available in three sizes. The large is able to fit a tablet and includes an interior pocket. Get it here

#12 A Crave Box

If you know someone packed for a long journey, then make sure they’re stocked up with supplies.

These Healthy yummy-licious hazelnuts are homegrown and home roasted on a family farm. First they are cracked, shelled, blanched by hand, roasted, salted, and roasted again for an even richer flavor! 

Hazelnuts are packed full of vitamins and nutrients…look up ‘health benefits of hazelnuts’ and you’ll be amazed! Get them here

#13 A Jar of Notes

A simple idea but one that will bring a lot of comfort, this jar can be filled with sweet little notes that have come from the heart, making it unique to you.

Daily Dose of Gratitude is a super cute jar filled with 40 notes that contain quotes to uplift, inspire positivity, and shine a little sunshine.

This jar makes the perfect moving away gift! Get one here

#14 A Nice Portrait

Since 2006, Aluratek has enabled the sharing of your most precious photos through digital photo frames. Aluratek’s Digital Photo Frames are the easy way to bring your treasured memories to life with incredible image clarity in rich and vibrant colors.

#15 A Special Blanket

Help your friend settle into their new place with this luxurious and soft blanket. Bring them warmth and joy as well as a constant reminder of your friendship as they snuggled up under this blanket.

Whether it’s a moment at home, working in front of a computer or tired during a trip, it’s your intimate partner, the right protector and unique home decorator

High-definition printing and dyeing: using digital thermal transfer technology, bright colors and high color fastness.

#16 A Cocktail Kit

Send them on their merry way with a carry on cocktail kit. Perfect for that long haul flight to somewhere new, it contains everything they’ll need, apart from the booze.

Originally established in 1850 by a gentleman named Thomas Plant we specialised in manufacturing and wholesale of ironmongery and household products. Many of our customers still refer to us as Thomas Plant and have dealt with us for decades reflecting our rich heritage. 

#17 A Special Pencil Set

For the friend who likes to scribble the old-fashioned way, this selection of hot-foil stamped pencils will boost her confidence in a new place. 

Personalized pencils are a versatile, creative, and unique gift. Perfect for friends moving away, and so much more! Get it here

#18 A Polaroid

Want to give your friend some last-minute photos before they leave? Gift them this awesome 90s style instant film camera that prints out pictures just like Polaroids.

The instax mini 90 offers advanced features, such as bulb and double exposures, that are attractions of traditional analog cameras and offer an enhanced capability to capture light creatively.

#19 Compass Earrings

A wonderful going away gift for any jewelry-loving lady, these earrings feature a delicate compass so that they can always find their way home, and come in rose-gold, gold, or silver tone.

The simple design of these unique pendants will captivate you. Combining different designs makes it possible to have a versatile selection and unique accessory in your jewelry box at any time.

#20 A Special Mug

This cup is perfect for your bestie with the potty mouth. Even from states away, you can remind her that she’s missed every morning when she has her f*n coffee. 

Distance means so little when your friendship means so much. This cute mug is the perfect way to let your friend know that even though you are miles apart you’re still close at heart. Get it here

#21 A Music Box

Bring a tear to your friend’s eye with this unique goodbye music box. Engraved on the top is a perfect goodbye message that will remind them it’s not goodbye forever.

This unique little music box is highly recommended as a birthday gift or an anniversary one for a gentleman or a woman due to its chic and simplistic design, the custom petite self-loading music box by Music Box Attic leverages a new tech digital innovation. 

It’s equipped with a custom tune USB 2.0 digital module to help you upload music, sound or any recording of your choice. 

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