Gifts for Dungeon Masters9 min read

April 28, 2021 6 min read


Gifts for Dungeon Masters9 min read

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If you happen to know someone in your life who plays Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) or who is a dungeon master in your life, you’ve come to the right page. In case you haven’t heard of D&D yet, it is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game (RPG) originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. 

Finding gifts for someone is easy, but finding the right present gives you absolute joy and your Dungeons and Dragons player friend. The good news is that you don’t need to know a lot about the game to know what to give your Dungeon Master friend. You will still find the perfect gift for them despite your knowledge or budget you have.

If you want to know more about the best gift ideas for D&D players, keep reading to learn more about it. We’ve curated a list of the best gift ideas for Dungeon Masters, so you don’t have to spend hours searching online.

What To Look For in A Gift for Dungeon Masters?

Before buying that gift for your D&D player friend, here is a list of features that you must first consider. These features are necessary to ensure that your Dungeon Master pal will appreciate and use your gift.

1. Design

One of the features that D&D players look for in items is the design. Some players prefer tools that have a simple design, but some Dungeon Masters love aesthetic things.  

Buying a gift with a gorgeous design allows your Dungeon master friend to enjoy their game and use the item in the long run. 

2. Durability

Another thing to consider when buying gifts for dungeon masters is the item’s durability. No one wants to use an item made out of low-quality materials, right? 

When an item is durable enough, it becomes useful for the owner. It allows them to keep it for years without quickly replacing it. So, choose a long-lasting item.

3. Material

We all love items that are manufactured or constructed out of top-quality material. This is the case for Dungeon Masters, too. For them to use your gift in the long-term, it should be durable, flexible, and basically, shouldn’t wear out quickly.

4. Budget

Some Dungeons and Dragons products can be quite expensive, so it’s perfectly okay to stick to a tight budget. Gift-giving doesn’t necessarily have to be costly. 

However, it can be affordable, too! Luckily, many stores produce items that you can potentially give as a gift for your D&D player friend.

Top 5 Gifts for Dungeon Masters

1. Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set 5th Edition

Product Description

One of the best gift ideas for your Dungeon Master friend who is a beginner in the game is this D&D Starter Set 5th Edition. Playing D&D involves many items. This 5th Edition starter collection is an excellent present, so your Dungeons and Dragons player friend won’t have to go looking for it to buy.

Since this starter set is the 5th edition, old and new players will surely enjoy using this gift. This kit comes with almost everything you need to begin playing the game, including 42 dice of various colors, bags, and so much more.

So, whether you have a friend who is new to D&D or has been playing it for years, you should get this 5th Edition of the D&D Starter Set as a great gift.


  • Suitable for both old and new players
  • Includes a total of 42 dice of various colors; Each collection contains one d20, one d12, two d10 (00-90 and 0-9), one d8, one d6, and one d4.
  • Includes bags with a flannel drawstring pouch to store your dice, and you can distinguish the dice by bright colors.
  • Easy to follow instructions and materials
  • Bonus: you will get the instructions on how to download the D&D materials with the order you receive. Please, print them yourself.


  • Might have unused or missing parts

2. Darksilver Forge Dice Tray

Product Description

Since playing D&D requires a lot of items or, more specifically, a lot of dice, your Dungeon Master friend must have a dice tray too. In case your D&D pal already has a complete collection of dice, you should buy him this Darksilver Forge Dice Tray as a great gift idea!

This dice tray is slightly expensive, but if your favorite D&D player regularly plays the game, then it will surely be worth the money you spent, and he will appreciate it, too! It has a stunning design and measures 11 and a half inches, making it an excellent option for those who play D&D.

You can guarantee that your friend will adore the Odin theme, as well! 


  • Features a large 11.5″ Octagon Dice Tray
  • Premium Tan Velvet Liner
  • Includes a 1.5′ Tall Dark Brown Padded Leatherette Walls 
  • Features an Enhanced Noise Reduction for quieter rolls
  • Designed with an Odin Theme


  • The graphic might start to break apart in tiny bits after a few months of using it

3. Army Painter Paint Set

Product Description

If you know someone who likes creating their favorite D&D characters, the Army Painter Paint Set is a great gift idea. Many Dungeons & Dragons Masters will make their characters, ensuring them that they are part of the experience from start to finish.

This paint collection includes ten water paints, dropper bottles, and so much more. These features allow your Dungeon Master friend to create various characters for their next adventure. 

Other features of this item include ten water-based, non-toxic Warpaints, 12ml precision dropper bottles, one hand-made quality Starter Brush, and 1 D&D Minsc & Boo miniature. 

Do you want to know the best part? This gift is perfect for beginner roleplayers and is affordable if you’re sticking to a tight budget!


  • Suitable for beginner roleplayers
  • Ten water-based, non-toxic Warpaints, 
  • 12ml precision dropper bottles, 
  • One hand-made quality Starter Brush
  • 1 D&D Minsc & Boo miniature


  • Paints might be damaged and have a watery texture

4. Upgraded D&D Condition Rings

Product Description

Dungeon and Dragons is a game that includes many spells and magic. Therefore, there is a chance that some magic will influence D&D players. These Upgraded Condition Rings are excellent for this purpose.

These condition rings feature various effects, and they’ll let everyone know what spell is influencing the player. For example, an enemy magician might slow down your D&D pal. In case this happens, they’ll slip on the slowed ring so everybody can see.

This collection also includes 96 status rings in 24 conditions. These rings make tracking status effects during combat so much easier. Therefore, making it better than using colored bottle caps or rubber bands. Another feature to admire about this collection is its relaxed and unique storage box in magic book design.

This collection makes it one of the most comprehensive collections out there, which works great for your friend who enjoys playing D&D in their spare time. 


  • Includes 96 status rings in 24 conditions
  • Features a magic book storage box or easy store
  • Makes tracking various conditions a breeze
  • A great addition for tabletop RPGs


  • Does not include good quality prints
  • Might include missing pieces

5. Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set

Product Description

These Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set is perfect for D&D players who are passionate about the game and love to read books. Essentially, players need three books and a screen. Therefore, this gift collection makes an ideal gift for your friend!

This book set includes a unique foil cover with a slipcase, a player’s handbook, a Dungeon master’s Guide, a Monster Manual, and a DM Screen. The slipcover and the design of the books make this collection even more attractive. Your Dungeon Master friend will surely love this gift set and keep it in his collection!


  • Book set includes the ff. features:
    • Unique foil cover with a slipcase
    • Player’s handbook
    • Dungeon Master’s Guide
    • Monster Manual
    • DM Screen
  • Has an attractive slipcover and design


  • Might have missing pages
  • Poor quality control

So, Which One Should You Buy for your Dungeon Master Friend?

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game that is played by many. If you happen to have a friend who is a D&D player and you are thinking of gift ideas to get, we’ve got you covered! Remember to consider a few features first before buying any gifts to ensure value in your money spent. 

We highly recommend the Darksilver Forge Dice Tray. This vast and stylish dice tray is perfect for your Dungeon Master friend who plays D%D regularly. It measures 11 and a half inches, making it an excellent option for those who play Dungeons and Dragons. That’s not all, you can guarantee that your friend will adore the Odin theme, as well! 

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