Gag Gifts for Kids7 min read

April 28, 2021 6 min read


Gag Gifts for Kids7 min read

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They say that laughter is the best medicine, and this also applies to gifts for kids. Gift-giving doesn’t always have to be serious. It can be hilarious, too! Putting a smile on kids’ faces is one of the most priceless things you can give to kids. Material things like gadgets, designer clothes, and luxury items can not compare.

If you’re wondering what to give your friends and loved ones this holiday season, perhaps you might want to give them a funny present. Keep reading if you’re interested to know the best funny gifts for kids that even adults would buy!

What to Look for in a Gag Gift for Kids?

However, no matter how exciting and funny this idea is, you must first consider these few features before you start buying hilarious and quirky gifts for kids. 

  1. Budget

Giving presents doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s perfectly okay to stick to a budget. Besides, kids don’t mind if a gift is pricey or not. It’s the thought that counts! Or in this case, what matters is that your kid finds it hilarious!

  1. Material

It’s always best to buy items that are made out of top-quality and durable material. If a product is very cheap but made of fragile material, then it’s not worth your money. 

  1. Design

Since you will be giving gag gifts to kids, one feature you must consider is the design. Some examples are presents with various colors, styles, and patterns. 

  1. Purpose and Receiver

The main purpose of giving a present is for the kid or the receiver to have fun with it and enjoy it to the fullest. So make sure to choose funny presents.

Top 5 Best Gag Gifts for Kids

1. Ninja Poop Pen by Our Friendly Forest

Product Description

One of the funniest presents you can give to your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild is a fart toy. Ninja Poop is the ultimate poop emoji toy for kids and is just the perfect gift for the holiday season. They will surely enjoy the Christmas season pulling pranks on your relatives. 

An amazing feature about this gag gift is that it’s so easy to use. All you have to do is push the levers on the back of this farting pen to control the arms and make them punch on-demand, and produce farting sounds.

You will hear different fart and ninja sounds whenever his fists thrust out. This funny present also comes with three combat styles to choose from, namely the fart boxer, ninja poop, and karate poop. You can generate your own UFC Battles between these three martial arts warriors to become the ultimate fighter and win the Championship Belt. Now, isn’t that hilarious?

These hilarious pens will have your family and friends rolling on the floor laughing. So, if you’re interested in funny stuff and ninja kids’ toys, this Ninja Poop pen might be the perfect gag gift.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Has hilarious fart and fighting sounds
  • It comes with three combat styles to choose from (Fart Boxer, Ninja Poop & Karate Poop)
  • Includes replaceable batteries


  • Might break easily

2. Rtudan Original Spider Scare Prank Box

Product Description

Here’s another scary but hilarious present if you know someone who is an ultimate prankster. This original spider scare prank box is not only perfect for the Halloween or holiday season but even on regular days. Besides, who doesn’t love a little harmless spider prank?

This creative toy features a cute and attractive design, making it attractive to kids. It is a handmade wooden box, and when you try to open it, you will find a “surprise” on the inside. On another note, this toy also helps kids relieve stress, improve emotional support, and cultivate their patience and concentration.

This toy also ensures your safety and is made of high-quality material. This spider scare box is also durable and sturdy. Lastly, it is made out of natural, non-toxic, no sharp, and sturdy structure.


  • Affordable
  • Dimensions: 3.7inch in length, 2.4inch in width, and 2.6inch in height
  • Serves both as a funny and educational toy
  • Easy to use
  • Includes a natural, no-toxic Material, 
  • Features a no sharp and sturdy structure
  • Creative design


  • Poorly assembled
  • The lid might be too loose

3. Animolds Hug Me Giant Rubber Chicken

Product Description

Here’s another quirky present for kids who love animals. The Hug Me Giant Rubber Chicken by Animolds will amaze you by screaming for up to 45 seconds. This chicken toy will also make other people turn their heads due to their massive size. 

This giant rubber chicken is so versatile. You can use it to prank people, as an alarm clock, to make music, and of course, as a perfect funny present for your kid.

Another feature to admire about this toy by Animolds is that it has a return policy. So, in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can just return it – no questions asked! 


  • 27.5 inches tall
  • Includes durable and quality construction
  • Tons of screaming chicken fun
  • It makes a great gag gift
  • Reduces stress
  • Has a return policy with no questions asked


  • The head might be easily ripped off
  • It doesn’t make a lot of noise

4. “Beer Bread” Fake Present Box by Prank Pack

Product Description

If you want to take your gift-giving to a hilarious level, Prank Pack’s Beer Bread is a perfect gift box that looks like a real present on the outside. At first, it appears to be a decent box. But once the receiver finally opens it, they realize that there is absolutely nothing and that they’ve just been pranked.

Whether you consider your gift-giving skills to be funny or not, wrapping any present inside a Prank Pack adds an extra layer of fun and enjoyment. This item will have all your friends and family in the room laughing.

Another funny thing about this box is that it will have any recipient truly convinced that you just gave them what looks like the most bizarre gift of all time. When in reality, it’s just a fake present box. Now, isn’t that just funny?


  • Measures 11.25” x 9” x 3.25”
  • Made in the USA of 100% recyclable cardboard
  • Boxes ship flat and are easy to assemble – no glue or extra steps required.


  • It’s literally just an empty box

5. A Clown Nose by Theater Fools

Product Description

It’s no surprise why kids love clowns. Therefore, why not give them a clown nose as a gift? They can even wear it on Halloween if they want to dress up as a clown just like Pennywise from the movie IT.

An amazing feature about this red clown nose is that it’s a one size fits all. That’s right! This is perfect for all nose sizes, no matter how big or small it is. Just imagine the look of happiness on your child’s face once they receive this clown nose as a gift.


  • One size fits all


  • Only available in one color

So, Which One Should You Buy?

Gift-giving doesn’t always have to be so serious. It can be hilarious, too! No matter what occasion, it’s fun to pull a prank or give a gag gift that will make all your loved ones in the room burst out laughing.

We highly recommend Animolds Hug Me Giant Rubber Chicken. This screaming chicken is so versatile they can either use to prank people, like an alarm clock, to make music, and of course, as a perfect gag gift for your kid.

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