25 Return Gifts For Baby Shower17 min read

January 7, 2021 10 min read


25 Return Gifts For Baby Shower17 min read

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The purpose of partying is to gather all the near and dear ones of the mom-to-be, so they can present her with gifts and wishes to welcome her to her journey of motherhood. To this end, appropriate, quirky and different party favors can make the baby shower memorable. 

The host then acknowledges these guests by a return gift to share their joy of the new baby. Of course, the buy has to suit your budget as well. 

To ensure you have the favors in place, stick to the theme of the party! And check out these amazing ideas for return gifts!

#1 Candy Filling Bottles

Have these small feeding bottle on hand to decorate your baby shower. Designed like a small baby feeding bottle, the bottles are ideal for filling with jelly bears, candies or dolly mixtures as party favors. 

They can either be strewn over on tables as decor pieces and later used as party favors for guests, or be gift-wrapped as return gifts. Whether strewn on tables or used as filler for gifts, these are always a big hit. Get them here

#2 A Silk Potli Bag

Giving away a mix of vivacious colors and shining gold is always splendid and magical. It is exactly this magic that these Favor Bags carry in them.

Apart from this the potli bag has a thick golden drawstring with a conical end for perfect closure. With no added adorning or works done over the design, the Favor Bag looks simply amazing and is a perfect choice for return gifts. Design and color of the potli bag is subject to availability of the raw material. Get it here

#3 Jewelry Boxes

Women love their belongings like jewelry a lot, and a baby shower may be a widely attended event, but makes the Ladies feel special anyhow! 

Here’s an ideal return gift for your women guests with a dainty jewelry box made of Wood and adorned with gemstones. This handcrafted jewellery box is made of wood and decorated with gemstone with a flawless ban thani painting. 

The painting is hand made with finely crushed real gemstones which is a royal and traditional art of rajasthan on a glass base. The gift piece has been prepared by the creative artisans of jaipur. Get it here

#4 Silver Plated Idols

These articles are coated with silver over the design to maintain an effect like a pure-silver article. It will have the same effect and the atmosphere of food on them. 

This small silver Oxidized Cow will shower you with the power of worship and enrich your and your family’s well-being. The pattern of the kankavati reflects in each of the style showcased in the pair. 

It is ideal for gifting the new couple or the newborn with the blessing of pure silver metal.

#5 A Polka Pouch and Bowl Set

It is believed that Vermilion or Haldi & Kumkum are favorable for a Mother and her child. Hence, its only natural that as a return gift, your guests carry with them gifts that signify that emotion and protect a Mother and Child from all kinds of negativity and to invoke blessings of the Supreme Power! 

Here’s a simple yet stylish return gift that includes a 4” Silver and Gold plated (Chrome) Round Bowl packed in a red velvet box, a Polka Potli Pouch made of satin in different colors, a cotton silk blouse piece measuring 80 cm available in assorted colours/textures and a bag of Haldi & Kumkum. Get them here

#6 A Shiny Prasad Dabbi

This is a set of perfect shaped, well-defined color arts and shiny Sindoor (Vermillion) ki Dabbi. Easy to grip holder, symbolizing the married women’s priced possession. 

It is considered extremely auspicious and an age-old tradition for centuries for married Indian Hindu Women. It holds belief and a lot of values. 

Gift this beautiful Dabbi as a part of the gift collection packs of baby showers, perfectly for all occasion. This Big Shiny Dabbi will shower you with the power of worship and enrich your and your family’s well-being.

#7 Ganesha Candleholder

Handcrafted and hand-painted, the Baby Ganesh T-Light candleholder is a beautiful return gift for your guests, which includes a cute Ganesha idol.

It also comes with 1 black tray, a lotus-shaped t-light candle, a wooden flower and a small pack of colourful pebbles and stones. Measuring 22 cm x 35 cm x 14 cm in dimensions, the Baby Ganesha T-Light candleholder will be a perfect add to any homes décor.

It will be remembered long for its adorable vibe and the occasion when it was received.

#8 A Set of Special Stickers

These are the perfect and unique stickers for your special occasion. This set includes four custom, beautifully designed and ready to use wine label stickers. 

These are handmade Sunnyvale CA USA, our 3.75” x 4.75” wine labels, printed on high quality glossy weatherproof stickers. The perfect gift or invitation for your Baby Shower parties!

#9 Custom Lip Balm

Looking to add your own personal touch to your gift favors? Personalized Lip Balm Favors adds a unique touch to your party.

Custom-made Personalized Lip Balm Favors are an easy DIY and affordable way to create unique baby shower party favors. Custom Lip Balm Favors are the perfect little detail to give to your guests as a sweet reminder of your special day. 

Personalized Lip Balm Favors are sold in a set of 12.

#10 Some Tube Wind Chimes

Children are considered ‘Angels of Love’ in life. Here’s a perfect return gift that symbolizes the advent of a baby in the form of a Wind Chime. 

Serving as a mascot of good luck and happiness, this Vintage Hanging Bell ornament can be used creatively as a decor gift for your guests at a baby shower. Made of premium quality material, it is durable and is crafted with plastic, aluminum metal tubes and measures 70 cm approx. 

The Hanging Wind Bell has cupid Angels in clear plastic with Golden lining hanging with the metal tubes and strike a musical cord even with the slightest of breeze. Get them here

#11 Some Cute Candy Boxes

Cute sized candy boxes are high quality favor boxes perfect for any occasions. Fill each with candy, mints or any special goodies you would like to present to the guests. 

Flat shipped and assemble yourself, they are your perfect party supplier!

#12 A Special phone Holder

Everyone loves Panda, for they are fluffy, lazy to the core and super adorable! Crafted beautifully from silicon, the Panda Phone Holder is made with the panda relaxing on a mat and is bound to win hearts for its stylish design. 

Curated exclusively for all kinds and sizes of cellphones, this mobile stand can hold the weight of most devices, both horizontally and vertically and is ideal for placing the phone on it to watch your favorite movies, browsing through pictures or simply tuning in to some foot-tapping numbers on the phone! 

Measuring 11.3 x 7 x 9.7 CM in dimensions, and available in realistic colors of black and white. Get them here

#13 Special Invitations to Remember

25 invitations to impress your guests. Your friends and family are going to love getting these custom baby shower invites for the mom and dad to be with these exclusive one of a kind personalized fill in coed oh deer baby shower invitation bundle for girls! 

Easily mail them to your guests for your cute chic SOHO sprinkle for the couple. The neutral, rustic, camping, and woodland printed party invite set can be used for an internet, city, brunch, simple, BBQ, summer or winter themed shower!

#14 Mini Dream Catchers

These days dream catchers are a big hit as giveaways or gifts, as they are known as good luck charms or a harbinger of good dreams, capturing nightmares for its recipients. 

Here’s a quirky set of dream catchers from the Tassel Life with a strawberry, polka, pineapple, birds and flowers printed on them, vibrant and colorful to amp up the ambience of any home’s decor. 

The fluffy dream catchers with different colored tassels blend beautifully in any space and bring a sense of elegance to any interior. These dream catchers have been crafted with love and measure 4” in diameter at the round top, with a length of 15”. Get them here

#15 Toppers for a Baby Boy

These custom cake toppers combine elegant design with the expression of your feelings for one another. Celebrate your special occasion with a beautiful cake topper that you and your guests will love!

#16 Toppers for a Baby Girl

Setting up the party table for your newborn’s birthday bash will be a breeze when you have fun and handy supplies! 

Perfect for a baby girl’s shower, these stunning liners and picks make for a fancy addition to iced or frosted cupcakes. The decors are designed with neutral hues and icons that’s fit for celebrating any gender. These fun cupcake wrappers and picks feature a striking design that’s fit for any gender! 

Kids of all ages will immediately reach out for your sweet treats when they see the adorable decors.

#17 Unicorn Keychains!

Attractive and cute, the Unicorn Pom-Pom keychain is apt for a return gift on a baby shower for its adorable and stylish design. 

Available in bright and lovely rainbow colors with blue, pink, white and yellow as base colors, the plush unicorn keychains would look great on purses, keys, as decor items in your guest’s house or on the move as well. 

Each keychain comes with a plush and sturdy metal clip for display and portability is extremely lightweight and serves as a beautiful giveaway. Get them here

#18 Baby Tiaras

No celebration is complete without a tiara. Dainty Baby Blue Grandmother To Be Tiara Special surprise gift/tiara to liven up a pregnancy announcement for the grandmother to be. 

Delightful details: -delicate array of clear & blue rhinestones -blue letters “Grandmother To Be”. The metal base with combs -appr. 3″ at the front. This is an honorable way to honor a mom becoming a grandmother. 

Only a loving child would surprise their mom with this fun tiara to mark the special occasion in such a lively & spirited way! Perfect for baby showers too!

#19 Ceramic Honey Pot

Just how sweet can a baby bee? Sweet as honey, as you can see! Bee-hold a honey of a favor that’s perfect for celebrating the newbaby. 

Bee-sides its practicality, this ceramic honey pot is bee-yondcute, and it simply bee-longs at the baby shower! Bee hive-shaped, white-ceramic honey pot is accented with yellow-and-black honeybees on the base and the lid.

#20 Tummy Tape

Guess the Width of mom’s tummy with the baby. This tummy measure baby shower game will provide immeasurable fun when you ask guests to cut the tummy tape to what their guess of mom’s waist is, the closest one wins.

Perfect for baby showers, parties and announcements, it can match with other baby shower party decorations! An immeasurably fun shower game, this Tummy Measure Baby Shower Game is perfect for your baby shower.

#21 Paper Angels Set

Measuring 5.5” x 3.25” approx. this set of colourful and vibrant patterned paper, Angels is an adorable baby shower return gift for your guests and is believed to bring good luck to your baby. 

Perfect for décor and to bring in a sense of peace and calm to any space, these Angels have been lovingly crafted with intricate hand drawn details and don’t require any sticking. 

One just needs a single slot to assemble the entire set together. The Decorative Paper Angels Set comes with 6 pre-cut paper Angels in a multi-colored pattern. Get them here

#22 A Baby Dog

Woof woof! Just like babies, puppies are cute too. Get this It’s a Boy Autograph Hound and have your friends write down their messages for you and your baby on something adorable.

Blue “It’s a boy” baby shower party autograph hound, it’s perfect for baby showers and baby announcements. It can also match with other baby decorations!

#23 Makeup Remover

These individually wrapped soft and gentle pre-moistened facial cleansing wipes remove 99.3% of all makeup—even stubborn waterproof mascara. 

This makeup remover wipes feature an effective formula that leaves skin spotless with no heavy residue, so there’s no need to rinse. 

Perfect for travel, work, the gym, and on the go for complete makeup removal or instant refreshing. Excellent for the moms at baby showers that still wear makeup!

#24 Anchor Beer Bottle Openers

The perfect party favor for your special day!  We want your party favors to be a classy, quality, and memorable gift for your guests.

Beautiful antique bronze color which features a pewter-finish metal anchor bottle opener with rope detail. Gift presentation includes blue and white striped base with clear cover, white rope tie and bow, and round, coordinated hang tag. 

Strong and made to last. Don’t settle for other cheaply made knockoffs that will only last a couple of uses. The last thing you want is for your gift to break and to appear cheap.  Ours are tested and built to last!

#25 Baby shower pens

“It’s a Girl” pink and purple pens are a perfect addition to a baby girl shower. Leave them on tables to use during games and guests can take them home as a favor when they leave! 

Each time the top of the pen is clicked, one of three sayings appear: “sugar and spice and all things nice,” “welcome baby,” and “thank heaven for little girls.” The black ink pen is comfortable to hold and write with. The pen writes smoothly with dark ink. You will love using this pen long after the shower!

It’s a Girl pens are a great way to announce the exciting news that a baby girl has been born! Pass them out at work or when visitors stop by the hospital or at home.

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