21 Gifts For Stroke Victims15 min read

December 4, 2020 9 min read


21 Gifts For Stroke Victims15 min read

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Honor a loved who is living with the effects of a brain injury with a gift that gives back. Finding a gift for a stroke survivor may seem like a daunting task but there are a variety of sensible and extremely useful gifts you can get.

Depending on the severity of the stroke, a survivor may deal with a wide range of issues. To that end, we’ve assembled a list of 23 gift ideas that may help improve their quality of life. Below you’ll find the best gifts for stroke patients as of 2020. The best part is you’ll also be doing good! These stroke recovery gifts are guaranteed to please.

#1 Something for Their Speech & Writing Aids

Purpose-built for augmentative and alternative communication, Indi is a simple, engaging speech tablet. It’s pre-installed with Snap Core First, our symbol-based app designed to evolve alongside a child as their communication skills grow. 

And the integrated speakers project a clear, loud voice from a selection of authentic-sounding voices. Indi is light, ergonomic and made for daily life. While it’s built for augmentative communication, it has a modern, inclusive design typical of any off-the-shelf tablet. Get it here 

#2 A Donation for a Medical Association

Whether it is an organization that promotes awareness of stroke or brain injury, like SameYou, the American Stroke Association, or the Brain Injury Association of America, or any other relevant organization. 

Making a donation in the name of your friend or loved one is always a meaningful, lasting and sure-to-be-appreciated gift. Do it here

#3 Stroke Recovery Exercise DVDs

For stroke, brain injury, or neurologic injury. Improve movement in your hands, arms, core, and legs and get stronger after stroke with this DVD set. Safe and easy to follow at home stroke recovery exercise program. 

This set contains 4 DVDs categorized into exercises for hands, arms, core, and legs. Includes 4 stroke exercise DVDs each with four 5-10 minutes fitness videos. Get it here.

#4 Lace Anchors

Anchor your laces without having to tie bows. The Lace Anchors and Innies eliminate excess lacing and create a solid slip-on fit for any shoes. Simple to install and tested for sports and durability up to 45 lbs of force. 

Some survivors may find it challenging tying shoe laces. Lace anchors are a great stocking stuffer that will help pull laces tight without having to tie. Help them with this thoughtful gift.

#5 Wheelchair Positioning Cushion

The Gel Pro Position Plus Gel & Foam Wheelchair Position Cushion provides the most advanced pressure redistribution, therapeutic support and positioning available. The Gel ProPosition Plus Gel Position Cushion provides proper posture, spinal alignment, trunk stability and all the pressure redistribution characteristics required for a seating application. 

The front abduction wedge maintains proper midline alignment and reduces internal rotation of the hips in addition to preventing sliding and shearing forces. 

All cover materials are anti-microbial and meet California Technical Bulletin #117 for fire retardancy. An optional solid seat insert is available.

#6 Cognitive Therapy At Home

In these times of uncertainty, having access to reliable care from the comfort and safety of your home is vital. Now, you can practice speech, language, and cognitive therapy exercises anytime, anywhere. 

Constant Therapy is an app for your smartphone or tablet that creates a customized program tailored to your recovery goals. Live support for people living with speech or cognitive difficulties? That’s hard to find these days. Which is exactly why we built a team for it. Find it here

#7 A Motivational Book

Now in its third edition, Stronger After Stroke puts the power of recovery in the reader’s hands by providing simple-to-follow instructions for reaching the highest possible level of recovery. 

The book’s neuroplastic recovery model stresses repetition of task-specific practice, proper scheduling of practice, setting goals, and measuring progress to achieve optimal results. Researcher Peter G. 

Levine breaks down the science and gives survivors evidence-based tools to retrain the brain and take charge of recovery. Get it here!

#8 A Hair Dryer Holder Wall Mount

Sometimes stroke survivors have problem making the easiest of task, like drying their hair. Bestie puts the power to look your best back in your hands—both hands! With its unique, attractive, patented design, Bestie holds the hair dryer for you, allowing you to use both hands to straighten and style your hair—just like the Pros! 

Its adjustable head and arm allow you to position your dryer exactly where you need it to blow. Never feel like you don’t have enough hands again! 

Easily mounts in any bathroom, either permanently to the wall (with 4 screws, included), or temporarily to the mirror (with 3 suction cups, included).

#9 An Entertainment Subscription

Everyone loves a good book, but a stroke survivor could potentially have a tough time reading one if they aren’t able to hold it properly. Thankfully, book holders allow survivors to read hands-free. 

A folding clip keeps place on the left and right sides of the book, and the device can be fitted to any book thickness. The reader can easily flip the pages, and when they’re done, it has a built-in bookmark. 

Supportive and solution-oriented books like these can be particularly engaging and useful resources to a survivor seeking guidance and encouragement. Get a Netflix Subscriprion here

#10 A Meal Delivery Subscription

Eating healthy is an essential part of stroke recovery. The brain and body both require good nutrients to heal and recover. A great way to get healthy food is to cook at home. However, driving to the grocery store and navigating the aisles can be difficult for some survivors. 

It can be a great help to subscribe to meal delivery subscriptions such as Hello Fresh or Daily Harvest. They deliver fresh ingredients and recipes straight to your door. 

This allows survivors to skip the daunting task of the grocery story and instead focus on preparing healthy foods. Get one here

#11 A Set of Adaptive Kitchen Aids

It’s easy for us folks to work in the kitchen, simply because we have two hands. Fracture, permanent disability, paralysis to one side…such situations don’t discriminate and make doing regular stuff like cutting apples, peeling oranges, slicing veggies, buttering a toast; a challenge.

The One-Hand Kitchen Equipment is designed for people who use can use only one hand, and the beauty of the products (7 in all) is that both lefties and righties can use it with ease. 

This is specialized kitchen equipment includes one- handed food cutting equipment, one- handed different diameter tubes opener, one- handed fruits and vegetables cutting and peeling equipment, one – hand changeable graters, food box.. Get it here

#12 A Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles can be a great therapeutic tool to help rebuild cognitive abilities. The 1054-piece colorful jigsaw puzzle is just the right level of challenge for a few days of activity. Plus, an informational insert including fun astrological facts adds even more entertainment. 

This flawless fit jigsaw puzzle features the twelve signs of the zodiac complete with gold foil to add the perfect touch of cosmic sparkle and shimmer. Makes an ideal gift for any puzzle lover!

#13 A Medical Alert System

These wearable devices can help you summon assistance in an emergency. Medical alert systems—where the press of a wearable call button puts you in touch with a dispatcher who can summon emergency help or contact a friend or family member—may offer some reassurance. 

The Lively Mobile Plus can get help in emergencies, big or small. This all-in-one medical alert has the fastest call response time, the most reliable coverage and enhanced GPS technology to confirm your location so you get the help you need, 24/7. Get it here

#14 Shoe Horn & Remover

A shoe horn can help your loved one put on their shoes with greater ease. Don’t underestimate the large impact that time-saving tools like this can have. This shoehorn has the perfect length for either sitting down or standing while putting on your shoes. 

It is 20 inches long including the loop. It’s often all little things that count. Feel the benefits of a great shoehorn.  Get it here!

#15 A Special Eye mask

A brain injury survivor may experience periods of insomnia. Help them achieve a better night’s sleep with a special eye mask for them! 

Breathable and comfortable, silky and skin-friendly, light and easy to carry, effective shading 99%, sleep assistant, washable, buckle adjustable tightness, help sleep and relieve eye fatigue, super soft, truly skin-friendly and non-allergic eye mask

The perfect travel accessories to help you sleep and rest perfectly.  Get it here!

#16 Apps to Help With Stroke Recovery

SaeboVR is a virtual ADL (activities of daily living) rehabilitation system. The proprietary platform was specifically designed to engage clients in both physical and cognitive challenges involving daily functional activities. 

In addition to interacting with meaningful every-day tasks, the SaeboVR uses a virtual assistant that appears on the screen to educate and facilitate performance by providing real-time feedback. 

SaeboVR’s ADL-focused virtual world provides clients with real-life challenges. Users will incorporate their impaired upper limb to perform simulated self-care tasks that involve picking up, transferring and manipulating virtual objects. Get it here

#17 A Leg Lifter

If you or a loved one needs some assistance getting out of chairs, wheelchairs, beds or cars, this handy leg lifter strap is just the tool for the job. Ideal for those with limited mobility and those recovering from injuries or surgery, including knee and hip replacement surgery. 

The leg lifter strap is equipped with large loops on each end making it easy to secure around your foot or cast and lift off your chair. 

Easily maneuver your legs to get out of chairs, wheelchairs, beds or cars with this convenient DMI Leg Lifter Strap. Get it here!

#18 An Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are natural aromatic plant compounds that are believed to offer a variety of benefits. The NOW Solutions’ Sleepy Puppy Diffuser is the perfect addition to any room to help them fall asleep with the soothing sights, sounds, and scents of nature. 

This BPA-free diffuser doesn’t utilize heat, so there’s no risk of burns. All that’s needed is tap water and essential oils to create a soothing environment that’s ideal for a good night’s sleep. 

With three projection templates, ultrasonic misting, and restful nature sounds, our Sleepy Puppy Diffuser will make bedtime something even stroke survivors will actually look forward to. Get it here!

#19 A Bathing Aid

In many cases, a stroke survivor will experience loss of mobility in a critical area of the body. Any tool that makes the bathing an easier task is the perfect tools for them. 

Soapy Soles Elite Foot Cleaner and Foot Massager Replacement Inserts for the 3-in-1 foot care product that scrubs, massages, and indulges your feet with three different surfaces. One cleans the foot, one massages the foot, and one stimulates. 

The ultimate way to clean and massage your feet – without bending over!! Soapy Soles Elite pad suctions to the floor of a tub or shower. The center oval is detachable and can be replaced with the Elite Pumice or Elite Soap Dispenser. Get it here

#20 Electrical Stimulation Machine

When rehabilitation exercise is paired with electrical stimulation, studies have shown that stroke patients see better motor improvements than just exercise alone. 

TENS, which stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation” is a safe, non-invasive, drug free method of pain relief used by physical therapists and prescribed Doctors for over 30 years. The iReliev Dual Channel TENS Pain Relief System produces low-voltage pulses that when electrode pads are applied to your skin stimulates nerve fibers to help block the pain signal to your brain. 

Also, it may increase natural endorphins, “the bodies feel good chemical”-a natural pain reliever.

#21 A Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is pretty much what it sounds like – a heavy blanket. When placed on the body, the weight feels comforting without being restrictive. 

Equally, nice for brisk summer nights on the patio as it is for deep winters in front of the fireplace, this all-season blanket offers a double-layered design that keeps you cozy without a lot of extra bulk. 

Its polyester construction deflects lint and pet hair, and can be easily machine washed on cold/delicate, then air-dried to maintain structure and texture.

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